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We can all expect to lose a little sleep from traveling during vacation.  If you’re like me, and cherish your family’s sleep, just knowing that doesn’t make it any easier!  Here are a few tips that really will help your little one, and you, get the rest they need:

  • There is no better time than now to start implementing strong sleep associations and routines.  Your little one might surprise you if you’ve fostered a strong sleeper before you left and sleep great while you’re traveling.  If you’re not one of these lucky parents, and your child’s world is turned upside down while visiting family, know if you left with a great sleeper, when you return your great sleeper is only one or two nights away from back to normal.
  • Just like you love to take your favorite pillow on vacation, pack as much of your child’s sleep associations with you.  Plan on taking the noise machine, swaddle, lovey, pacifier, bedtime books and music.  Whatever is part of your child’s bedtime routine and can fit in a suitcase, take!
  • Plan your plane trip around naptime.  Babies very rarely take naps on planes and if they do, they don’t get an adequate one.  If you can get an early morning flight and have a well-rested baby, your flight will run much smoother.
  • When you arrive at your destination, scope out the best place for baby.  Their own room preferably, but if that can’t happen, maybe set up the baby’s bed where they can’t see you or hang a sheet to create a boundary.
  • When all else fails, just “keep the peace”!  Be prepared for less sleep, but if no one is sleeping well, find a way to get a little shuteye.  Just leave whatever new sleep associations learned by baby on vacation.  Once home, it’s back to business!  If you left with a great sleeper, you’re only one or two nights away from peaceful nights again.

I hope these tips help you and your little ones have a well-rested and enjoyable vacation!

Author: nightingales

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