“As I sit awake thinking about my last night with my precious nightingales I am forever grateful. Newborn Nightingales has been such a blessing to me and my husband for the past 5 months. I have received the best gift ever….the gift of sleep and knowing my twin baby girls were in good hands. Thank you Melissa for providing such an incredible team of nightingales to help my family. Sarah, Jani, Julie, Victoria, Katie, Chesney and Robin. Each one of these women will hold a special place in my heart.”

Lizzie S.

“Melissa gave us the gift of sleep, which lead to a happy baby and a balanced home. We found her when our son was four months old and despite reading a zillion books, blogs, and emails from friends, we had no strategy for managing our overtired son. Our son has slept through the night every night (including out of town trips, during thunderstorms, and even while sick) since the second night we worked with Melissa. Melissa is wonderful! Her support and guidance through teaching our son how to sleep was so comforting and reassuring. Her approach is direct, confident and very patient. We recommend her to everyone!”

Mel K.

“Your help with baby Vic has been indispensable. He has been doing great since the day you came to play with us!”

Rachel T.

“Hi Melissa, we are doing great!  She’s slept through the night the past 4 nights. Thank you for all of your help!!!! You help change people’s lives. ”

Megan B.

“You are wonderful!  She is loving the new bedtime routine, I only wish I’d known to start it sooner.   Thank you, I know it comforts her to have the consistency each night and me stepping back to let her roll over and go to sleep on her own.”

Leah K.

“I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you what am impact you had on Mady, Phil and Raylee’s life.  Your visit helped give Mady back her Mommy confidence!!!  After attempting to breast feed and not succeeding she was really down on herself and not sure what to do next, but now she is large and in charge again of her life and Raylee’s schedule.  AMAZING!!!!!!!”

Susan C.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you!!!!!! This has changed our world and made it so much better on all of us. Powell slept through the night last night. He is an hour and 20 mins into his first nap. Rudder is asleep by 8 and barely even asked for Mickey last night. Aaron and I actually got to spend time together. We’re living again and not just surviving! I had prayed so hard for God to help Powell sleep and He sent you to answer our prayers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Anne M.

“Hi there!  I just wanted to update you (and brag) about P!  He did so well removing the swaddle for his naps, I can’t tell you.  I removed it for all of the naps on Saturday and Sunday and he had no issues whatsoever.  His naps were just as long, if not a tad longer and he’s sleeping so well at night.  He’s really doing great.  Even Wendy was so impressed with how well he did yesterday.  Can’t thank you enough for your continued help and support!”

Amanda B.

“It’s almost been 2 weeks since enlisting your help and we could not be happier! Shep is taking great naps (swaddled) and sleeping 730p-7a. He goes down without any fuss and we have watched him (from the monitor) soothe himself back to sleep or play without crying if he does wake up in the middle of the night. It is AMAZING!”

Allie S.

“We are so thankful we found out about y’all!  We have had great success!”

Jenna R.