Spring Forward and Summer Day Camps

Despite what today’s temps might lead us to believe, Spring is around the corner. Longer days, warmer evenings, and brighter mornings all sound dreamy… unless you’ve got a little one with an internal clock to reset. Don’t worry though! Keep reading for fool-proof steps to Spring Forward like a boss:

  • On Saturday, March 9th, put baby to bed at regular time.
  • Move clocks forward one hour.
  • On Sunday, March 10th, get baby up within 15-20 mins of “new” wake up time.
  • Do everything according to the new clock time on Sunday. This means all meals and sleep times.
  • The younger they are, the more important it is to start the day on time.

Bonus Tips:

  • Invest in true black-out curtains to prevent early waking and bedtime battles. Cheapie ones available here if you’re in a pinch.
  • Sunday morning, bask in that sun! Fresh air and sunshine first thing in the morning will help reset their internal clock.
  • As best you an, avoid all screens two hours prior to bedtime.

Now that we’ve got Spring on the brain, might as well take a glance at Summer, right?! Below, click through some summer day camps in DFW and Houston to keep busy toddlers and littles occupied as the temperatures rise and your patience threshold falls 😉 Registration for some of these is upon us. Yikes. Wasn’t it just Christmas??

Dallas Summer Camps:

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Zoo

Temple Emanu-el

Fort Worth Summer Camps:

Fort Worth Zoo


Museum School

Houston Summer Camps:

Artmix Studio

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Houston Zoo

Rest well!

Author: nightingales

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