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Quarantined Toddlers. Whew.

In this “in between” age where homeschooling isn’t quite on the docket, and they’re not exactly napping 3 times a day anymore, the mommas and the pappas are running out of steam quicker than Thomas the Train on the night shift. To offer some solace, enjoy some of our favorite ideas below, and please let us know if you’ve got any others!

That said, before we dive into all the ways to entertain your kiddos… let’s never forget that boredom breeds creativity! Take the heat off and soak in the slowdown. And when you’re feeling up for it, here are some activities to ward off the crazies 😉

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@busytoddler – This former Kindergarten & First Grade Teacher tuned SAHM of 3 littles knows toddlers and knows them well. Her feed offers practical, attainable activities and most of them involve items you already have on hand! While offering a plethora of free activites, she’s also currently running a special where the code HOME25 earns you 25% off her home learning ebook “Playing Preschool”

@littleoneslearn – Similar to @busytoddler, but a bit more craft-focused. This account features art, activities and sensory play. She also offers a Preschool Bundle and her Instagram Highlights are conveniently grouped by age of your child!

Cheap and Easy:
Painting rocks
Painting amazon boxes
Go on a nature walk
Create a nature scavenger hunt
Create a bug terrarium out of a mason jar

Amazon Freetime

Cosmic Kids Yoga
Crossfit Kids Zoom Classes
Nanda Yoga

Toddler “Research Project”

  • Ask your toddler what animal they want to learn about and work the whole day around this particular animal. Create the animal: draw, cut + paste, paint, color, stickers, sidewalk chalk, etc.
  • Create their habitat: legos, blocks, rocks, grass, blankets, etc.
  • Depending on the age of your toddler, work on the letters associated with the animal: practice writing it, think of other animals that start with this letter, etc.
  • Make animal sounds, play charades like the animal, record them on your voice memo on your phone – kids love doing this!
  • You could create exercise around the animal as well. If you’ve got a frog, hop for 30 seconds, rest. Ribbit for 30 seconds, rest. Act like you’re swimming for 30 seconds, rest.
  • Toss in a short youtube video about the animal.
  • If they’re up for it, have them tell the other parent what they learned at the end of the day.

The good news is we’re all in this together. The bad news is we’re all in this together 😉 Hang in there, parents! This will all make sense one day and we might even be wishing for the slowdown of the quarantine days.

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