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When to drop a nap?

From the evening catnap, to the morning nap, to toddler’s afternoon nap, Melissa answers your burning questions of when to let them go.

How do you know when to drop the evening catnap?
Typically babies drop the evening catnap around 6 months of age. Continue to offer this nap until baby refuses it for a week or so, as it often fades out and baby will catnap a few days per week and other days not.

How do you know when to drop the morning nap?
Babies are ready for one nap per day after their first birthday. Typically, this is around 15 months of age, but anytime after a year is fine to drop the morning nap. A good gage is when one nap gets harder and baby is already waking, it is time to drop it. That said, I like to wait until baby is walking as naps may get harder around this developmental leap, and once they take off, they need two naps again for a little while longer. Whenever you do choose to drop it, stay consistent and it will fall into place.

When do you know it’s time to drop naps all together?
Continue to offer nap/downtime until age 4. This nap also fades out, and even if your two year old refuses to nap a week or so, continue to offer downtime at the same time everyday as they will revisit this nap before dropping for good at age 3 or 4.  That said, once this nap drops, toddlers still need some down time to play quietly in the afternoon. (And so do you 😉

And that, my friends, deserves a nap drop… mic drop. Send in your questions for more Q&A’s with Melissa, and be on the lookout next month for tips on how to handle the Fall Back time change like a pro!

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