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Swaddles and Fall Back Tips

Happy (almost) Halloween! By now you’re in the swing of the school year grind – just in time for Fall Back to hit 😉 Don’t be spooked! Below, we have tips for time-change success and Melissa is addressing all things swaddle-related for those baby-babes. Lastly, please don’t forget to vote for Newborn Nightingales as Best Sleep Specialist in DFWChild’s 2019 Best for Families: Moms & Babies poll! We would be so grateful or your vote, and thank you to those who have already voted.

Q&A with Melissa Series: Swaddles

What swaddle(s) and swaddle technique do you recommend?
Any swaddle is fine as long as it isn’t too tight across upper chest, arms stay down by sides with elbows straight, it is very snug across elbows, and legs are able to move freely and kick.

What if my baby doesn’t like to be swaddled with their arms down?
I have never met this baby 😉 Older newborns may need a night or two to adjust to position change, but they will then sleep better for it!

Our daycare won’t allow us to swaddle… are we doomed?
A sleep sack is helpful in lieu of the swaddle. Bear in mind, even if you took a swaddle to daycare, naps would be harder for awhile, so no stress here.

When do you know it’s time to drop the swaddle?
Baby will tell us when they are ready, by breaking out of the swaddle consistently or needing to be soothed again at night when they were once sleeping through it. Typically this is after the 12 week mark. You may also notice around the same time these things are happening, baby will show purposeful movements of their hands and arms and a less prominent startle reflex.

1. Put that baby to bed ON TIME Saturday, November 3rd. Resist the urge to keep them up late thinking they will then sleep in for the coveted extra hour of sleep. Ain’t gonna happen. (xoxo, Debbie Downer)
2. Set your clocks back an hour.
3. Start Sunday, November 4th on the new Fall Back time. Baby will likely be chirping, so let them chat it up in their crib as long as you can handle. Wait to feed them at the NEW 7am (or 7:30am depending on your schedule).
4. Get outside! Maintain the schedule on the new clock as best you can all day; making it to nap time might be a little tricky, but you can do it.
5. Keep this up! It will take 3-5 days for babe to get it, but as with everything in their sweet little world, consistency is key.

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