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Products with Purpose, Sleepsack

Have you ever wondered what a nurse, mom, and sleep consultant feels are true necessities when you have a baby? Or maybe you need help going through the over saturated market of baby items. I’m here, as a sleep consultant, with my experience as a mom and a nurse, to help you make educated decisions in the products you decide to buy and use. I’ll help you to sift through it all, and I’ll highlight some of my favorites, so that you won’t have to scrutinize the vast field of items on your own.

We’ll begin with a sleep sack.  You don’t want to start the sleep sack too early, but this baby item is a favorite of mine.  As early as 12 weeks, your baby will benefit from this thoughtful product.  It also provides an extra layer of warmth, as you can’t have a loose blanket in the crib.  The sleep sack provides a strong sleep association.  Every time your baby naps or sleeps, zip up the sleep sack and this association takes hold. Consistent sleep associations are the cornerstone of healthy, happy sleep patterns. The sleep sack is easily transported to childcare, grandma’s house, or vacation, giving your baby the best chance for success while sleeping away from home.

As a bonus, sleep sacks reduce the chance of baby hitching a leg over the side of the crib, keeping baby in his crib longer.  The longer he is in the crib, the easier the toddler bed transition is.

So which sleep sack is best?  Of course I have a favorite, but the important thing is to choose a bamboo, cotton or a muslin one with arms free.  You don’t want baby to get overheated.  My top choice among sleep sacks is Kyte BABY.  It is the perfect material, weight and they even have a super long one for toddlers who need to stay in the crib.

It may seem overly simple to just focus on one seemingly small aspect of the gaping sea that is nurturing a baby. But, in parenting, just as it is in so many areas of life, the highest of mountains are scaled with a guide, and steps. Just steps. You’re not alone in this.

Author: nightingales

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