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Pacifier Q & A

1) When should I introduce a pacifier to my newborn?

When breastfeeding is thriving, milk supply is fine, and baby is gaining weight well, it is appropriate to offer your baby a pacifier.  Babies need to suck and it is fitting to offer the paci as a soothing technique between feeds.

2) Is there a pacifier I recommend?

There is not a perfect paci I recommend.  The pacifier falling right back out when offered to the baby is a common complaint.  There are a few pacis that are shaped like a bulb and can stay in place a little easier.  None of them stay put really well though and for good reason.

3) When is a good time to take the paci away?

My recommendation is to take away the paci when you take away the swaddle.  At that point, babies can soothe other ways and are not big enough to find their own paci and put it in their mouth.

4) When should I take the paci away if I have an older baby?


 When you are ready!  Speak the truth and know your child will be fine and will thrive without the paci if given the opportunity to do so.  Of course, change is not easy and given a few days of adjustment you little one will be paci free.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Decrease use.  Limiting paci to bedtime use really helps when its time to say goodbye for good.  Make it a game if your child is old enough and have them throw the paci back in the bed when its time to leave the crib.

  • Say the right thing.  For an older child, tell them “you don’t need the pacifier anymore.  You will be just fine.”  Follow with an activity for distraction and in a few days the pacifier will be forgotten altogether.

  • Throw away all the pacifiers (not in front of an older child).  You don’t want to be tempted when you’re so close.

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