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Focus on Fever

Focus on Fever

Cuddling a feverish baby all night can really make a parent worry.  And although we would do anything to bring that fever down, a fever is actually a good sign the body is fighting off infection.  If your baby is over three months, a good rule of thumb is, “treat the baby, not the fever.”  If your little one has a fever and feels okay, rest and hydrate rather then medicate.  If your child feels crummy and is having trouble eating and sleeping, Tylenol may be given for babies over three months, and Advil to babies over 6 months.

What is the best way to take your child’s temperature?

A rectal temp until at least 18 months is recommended.  Using a digital thermometer is the most accurate way to take your baby’s temperature.  Do you really want to be in the ER middle of the night with an inaccurate ear temp reading?

What is considered a fever?

A rectal temp greater than 100.4, is considered a fever.

When to call your pediatrician?

Call your doctor for any rectal temperature greater than 100.4 in a baby less than three months old.
Call your doctor for a rectal temperature greater than 101.5 in a baby 3-6 months of age.
Call your doctor for a rectal temperature greater than 103.5 in a baby over 6 months of age.

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