Do I really need nighttime help or a sleep consultant?

Parenting is among the most challenging jobs in life. For moms who have been through the demands of pregnancy and childbirth, the gift of unworried sleep, especially during the early weeks of their baby’s life, is precious. This is especially true for families with multiples or a baby with significant health issues, and also for parents who have older children to care for during the day. Our trained professionals can help with nighttime routines, questions about baby care, and, for as many or few nights as needed, can stay with  the infant between feedings while parents get much-needed rest.

How long and often will I need a night time help?

There is no minimum or maximum nights required—it all depends on your family’s specific needs. For the most efficient use of this help, we advise spreading the support nights apart. For example, consider having your Nurse/Nightingale three nights a week for five weeks instead of five nights a week for three weeks.

What time will my Nurse/Nightingale arrive and leave?

Standard hours for night nursing are 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., but we try to accommodate special requests. The first night, your Nurse/Nightingale will arrive early to learn about your baby’s current routine and learn about your specific needs.

How do I know my sleep consultant or night time help is well qualified?

Newborn Nightingales places only the most qualified Registered Nurses/Nightingales to our clients. Melissa, our owner and CEO, works with all of our professionals to ensure they are continually updated with the most current infant education, ensuring the families we work with are given the highest standard of care.

Where are your services available?

Newborn Nightingales serves its customers throughout the DFW metroplex and surrounding cities, including Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Aledo, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Mesquite, Rockwall, Denton, Weatherford, and everywhere in between. We are also serving Houston and surrounding areas. This allows us to share the gift of sleep with the most families. Don’t live in DFW or Houston? We offer phone and email sleep consultations all over the nation!