Everything You Need to Know about Switching Baby from Crib to Big Bed

Moving baby out of the crib into the big bed leaves many moms with analysis paralysis. You know the feeling – Should we do it? Should we wait? What if they’re not ready? What if they’re scared? What if we do it too soon?All the questions flood your already cloudy Mom Brain and you overanalyze until the world looks level, but you never really make a decision. Sound familiar?

We understand! However, sticking to a plan is far more important than the timing of when the crib-to-big-bed switch happens.  This is because the timing will vary from family to family, baby to baby. Whereas many sleep tips and schedule adjustments are generally the same timeframe for most children, the decision to move to big bed can be a little different.

There are two big indicators of when to move your child from crib to big bed. First, if a new baby is coming and you need to evacuate the crib, older baby needs to move on out. You can of course opt to have two cribs, but many families decide to move older baby to start instilling the “big brother” or “big sister” role. Secondly, if toddler is consistently crawling out of the crib, it’s time to roll out the big bed.

These situations may vary greatly in timing. For example, if your family is finished having children and your youngest is still snug as a bug in his or her crib, many children will stay in the crib until age four or older. On the other hand, if your children are born back to back to back (bless you!), your crib to big bed ratio will look a little differently. Further, if you’ve got a super physical munchkin who’s artfully scaling the crib wall from age 13 months on, you’ll likely move him or her to their big bed pretty quickly.

If your child is one of these more physically daring babes, there are a couple routes you can take to keep them in the crib as long as possible. Some cribs allow you to put the mattress on the ground by taking the crib bottom out and simply sliding the mattress to fit snuggly on the ground within the rails. (Obviously you would ensure there is no gap between crib sides and mattress). Also, the sleep sack is very helpful in the regular crib to inhibit full on climbing. Speaking of sleep sack, if you do choose to move to the big bed, take the sleep sack and crib away at the same time.

Regardless of when you realize it’s time to shift baby to a big bed, consistency is always key. Once baby is out of the crib, think of their room as their new crib. The four walls are the crib walls, so the door should stay shut with the room free of any safety hazards. For extra precaution, this might be a great time to call Infant House of Dallasfor all your baby and child-proofing needs especially where their rooms are concerned. As far as which bed you choose, a toddler convertible bed or a regular bed are great, and even a mattress on the floor is a good idea for some children.  A rail can be helpful for younger toddlers to keep them from falling out of the bed if you choose a taller bed.

The switch to a big bed can carry a lot of weight because it’s as if you’re admitting to the world your baby is baby no more… So maybe it’s time for another?  😉

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