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Daylight Savings Time Tips

Daylight Savings Time Tips

Woo-hoo! I love Fall Back! It’s so much better that Spring Forward! But not with babies. It’s a cruel game that they play with us. We’ve got the usual shenanigans under control with our stellar sleep schedule, but they stick it to us by denying us our coveted extra hour, because let’s face it, there is no real hope that your baby will turn his clock back and just snooze for an extra hour Sunday morning. He’ll just start the party at 6AM instead of 7AM. Don’t be fooled this year. Be ready.

It’s all about expectations at this point, so scrap the whole notion of an extra hour. Just shoot for maintaining your precious schedule. Here’s how:

Put that baby to bed on time Saturday night. The usual time, that is.

If by some crazy happenstance, he’s still in sweet slumber at 7AM, first, brag-tweet about it, because that’s quite a sleeper you’ve got. Then, wake him up to start your day!

If he’s human and wakes at 6AM, try letting him crack himself up in his crib while you catch a little extra rest. If that’s just not happening, fire up the espresso maker, and own that extra-long Sunday. Feed the children at the time that is normal for you (7 or 7:30, depending on your schedule), and keep them up until naptime. This will be a longer stretch than either of you are used to, but if you stick to it, you’ll keep your schedule and your sanity. Not every parent can say that. Nice job!

I know what you’re thinking, because we all think it when we want to sleep in. You’re thinking, “I’ll just keep him up late at a family dinner on Saturday night, and he’ll sleep nice and late for me in the morning.” Fun night, sleepy morning. Win-win. It’s Physics or something, right? Nope. It never works, does it? Not for me anyway. Babies just get over-tired when we push them for those occasional late-nights, and that makes them restless and early risers. The best bet is to give that guy a good night’s sleep, and adjust your morning instead.

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