We offer several consultation packages helping newborns to young toddlers. All of our services can be tailor-fit to meet any family’s needs so if you have a special request, please let us know!

In-home consultation
( about 2 hours)

  • How to develop amazing sleep habits
  • Feeding techniques that promote proper digestion for infants
  • Step-by-step instructions in daily care: proper swaddling techniques, bathing, diapering, fingernail clipping, saline/suction
  • Sleep environment evaluation
  • Routines to help baby sleep through the night
  • Soothing techniques that help calm your baby, especially those with colic or reflux
  • Schedule planning that is age appropriate and works with everyone in the family (including balancing siblings)
  • Teaching to sleep 9-12hrs in a row (babies 12 lbs or over)
  • Feeding instructions that help to naturally regulate the GI system (great for GI reflux)
  • Starting baby foods and solids, and getting used to the sippy cup for babies close to 6 months
  • Feeding challenges
  • Weaning
  • Personalized daytime routines
  • Napping guidelines (where, when and how)
  • Establishing a better understanding of baby behavior especially as it pertains to fussiness and crying
  • Illness guidelines
  • Get every baby question answered and much more
  • 3 months of unlimited email support
  • Reference book and swaddle blanket if appropriate

Phone Consultation
(about 1 hour)

  • Includes all the information in the in-home consult minus demonstrations
  • Brief evaluation to be completed prior to appointment
  • Book and blanket (if appropriate)
  • 3 months of unlimited email support

Email Consultation

  • Personalized schedule and sleep tips
  • All your questions answered
  • 3 months of email support


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