Back to School Sleep Tips

Back to School Sleep Tips

The beauty of Summer is the bane of Summer. We all take a break from the rigors of life and just do what feels right for a spell. Hopefully we found time to roll in the grass and run through the sprinklers this season, even if some (okay most) of those nights might have stretched a little bit late (okay, a lot late) for the kids. No worries! We can get it all back on track before school starts.

*Start the routine one week before school starts. This way, there is no shock to the system, and there is time to adjust.

Find what bedtime is appropriate for your littles. Children under 10 yrs. old need at least 10 hours of sleep/night, and some even need 11-12 hours. If everyone needs to be out of the house at 7:30, adjust bedtime to accommodate the early morning shuffle and off to school time!

*Dinner should be about 2 hours before bedtime (great for digestion). Start the whole routine nice and early so that you aren’t rushing when it’s time to tuck everyone in.

*Limit screen time. Unplug and ditch the screen at least 1 hour before bed.

*Wind it down. For toddlers, encouraging quiet play before the bedtime routine is very helpful. “Let the wild rumpus begin!” (BEFORE dinner). Rough and crazy play is great before dinner, but allow for a long wind down window before bedtime.

*Make sure the sleep environment is as calm and relaxing as possible. A white noise machine is a great idea for all ages.

As great as it was to cram the Summer full of freckles and ballgames, and dirty, bare feet, and all-nighters at camp, the school year brings its own fun. With a healthy sleep routine, its going be the best year yet!

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