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Spring Forward

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Spring Forward

Step by step:

  • On March 7th put baby to bed at regular time.

  • Move clocks forward one hour.

  • The next morning get baby up within 15-20 mins of normal wake up time per the time on the clock.

  • Do everything according to the new clock time Sunday. This means all meals and sleep times.

  • The younger they are the more important it is to start the day at the same time.


  • Black-out curtains are so nice!  This time of year mornings will be brighter and evenings lighter and you don’t want sunlight waking your child up in the morning or causing any bedtime battles.

  • Avoid any screens like the TV, computer, or iPad two hours prior to bedtime.

  • Try to get outside on Sunday.  Getting fresh air and exposure to bright light first thing in the morning will help reset the internal body clock.