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Sleep Benefits

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buy provigil in australia Did you know sleep is critical for brain detoxification and overall health?

It is!  A report published in the Journal of Science found your brain has a unique method of removing toxic waste.  By way of the glymphatic system, your brain clears out toxins, including harmful proteins linked to brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.  Your glymphatic system ramps up while you are sleeping, actively clearing by-products of neural activity.

Sleep is the first to go when we are busy or stressed, and this can be critical to our health.  Memory impairment and problem solving ability can occur after a single night of poor sleep.  As poor sleeping habits progress, your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer growth, and increased blood pressure rise too.

Adequate sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  Just as you use diet and exercise to maintain overall health, healthy sleep habits must be incorporated too.

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